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Beat the Computer puzzles by Tenyo are 8 different mathematic jigsaw puzzles for adults. Each piece of a puzzle is constructed of the same elements, so the puzzler remeins insecure about reaching a solution until the last piece fits. All 'Beat THE COMPUTER' puzzles are built of coloured plastic. Upper and lower side of each piece can both be used, for asymetric pieces this means you can also use the mirror shape.

Most of these puzzles are polyominos.

No. 0 - The only puzzle with round pieces!
circles with pointy extensions at the edges of an hexagon.

No. 5 - Pentomino (all 12 possible pieces out of 5 squares)
in a rectangle of 6 x 10 squares.

No. 6 - An hexiamond
(all 12 possible pieces out of 6 triangles) in an onion-shape puzzle surface.

No. 8 - Another pentomino
in a 8 x 8 square surface with a hole in the centre.

No. 22 - A Pentahex (all 22 possible pieces out of 5 hexagons)
In two colours in a rhomb shape surface.

No. 24 - A septiamond (alle 24 possible pieces out of 7 triangles)
in a hexa-star shape surface. This is by far the hardest puzzle!

No. 600 - An hexomino (all 35 pieces out of 6 squares)
in a nearly rectangular surface.

No. 783 - Double tetromino.
All 5 pieces out of 4 squares occur twice. When you play computer game Tetris you have an advantage!


Play most of these puzzles yourself

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