Puzzles of poly-forms are jigsaw puzzles with pieces that are created of the same basic elements, most often equal sided triangles, squares and hexagrams.
Regular puzzles of poly-forms exist of all unique combinations of the same number of such an element. De pieces can be gerotated and even put upside down, giving you the mirror image if it is asymmetric.

The 5 pieces of 4 squares (Tetrominos) are most famous, they are key parts in the original version of the computer game Tetris.

Pieces built of triangles
Name #Triangles #Pieces Remarks
Diamond 2 1
Triamond 3 1
Tetriamond 4 3 No puzzle known
Pentiamond 5 4 No puzzle known
Hexiamond 6 12 more...
Septiamond 7 24 more...
Octiamond 8 ? One piece has an empty triangle enclosed

Pieces built of squares
Name #Squares #Pieces Remarks
Domino 2 1
Tromino 3 2
Tetromino 4 5 double set...
Pentomino 5 12 more...
Hexomino 6 35 more...
Septomino 7 108 One piece has an empty square enclosed
Oktomino 8 369 Several pieces have an empty square enclosed
Nonomino 9 1285
Polyomino Variable Variable Common name

irregular polyominos

Pieces built of hexagrams
Name #Hexagrams #Pieces Remarks
Diahex? 2 1
Triahex? 3 3
Tetrahex 4 7 maybe?
Pentahex? 5 22 Beat the computer no. 22
Hexahex? 6 ? One piece has an empty hexagram enclosed


examples of 3D-polyomino puzzles:
- The 12 pentomino pieces (of 5 cubes) - form a block of 3x4x5 or 2x5x6
- The Soma-cube - Irregular: 6 pieces of 4 cubes and one of 3 cubes form a 3x3x3 cube

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