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Puzzles & Computer
Rush hour

Your car's been parked in the garage. You would like to leave, but other vehicles are in your way...
Backtracking algorithms

How to use a computer to solve a problem in an intelligent way, or make it search to the best solution?
Abstract jigsaw puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are popular among young and old. When pieces have a mathematical shape they may give a bigger challenge.
Mazes and Labyrinths

You can use the computer to solve puzzles, but also to create them!
Every day a set of 4 new mazes.
Numbers (TV series "Numbers & Letters")

Around 1980 there was a TV-quiz 'Numbers & Letters'.
The part 'Numbers' can now be played online against the computer.

Sudoku puzzles became very popular over the last decade. Here are some hints for beginners.
Nature images
Wild Orchids

Lady's-slipper orchid
Tropical orchids are very familiar ... even at our own windowsill. They also grow outside wildly in your area even in the cooler zones of the earth. There exist more species than you'd think, but you might barely find any.

california sister butterfly
Butterflies are symbolic for positive emotions of people. Unfortunately many species of butterflies are vulnerable for changes in their environment.
3D-animated Polyhedra

The best way to experience spatial structures (like polyhedra) is in a 3D-animation.
Play go at your computer

Would you like to play go with your friends but you don't have a go board? Here you can play at a digital go board.
Music in 7/4 rythm

We all know the rythm of seven days in a week ... in music it sounds like this
. dutch stamps

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