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Puzzles & Computer

Puzzles with squares
Puzzles with only square pieces may seem quite easy, but ...
Other math. puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles are popular among young and old. When pieces have a mathematical shape they may give a bigger challenge.

Sudoku puzzles became very popular over the last decade. Here are a few rules for beginners.
Backtracking algorithms

Computers nowadays have very little to do, 90% of their time they are just blinking the cursor and waiting for a mouse click. You may solve a puzzle or problem yourself, but your computer has more time, is much faster and more accurate than you are.
Mazes and Labyrinths
maze on stamp

You can use the computer to solve puzzles, but also to create them!
Here is a small selection of mazes, made by the computer.

Nature in Europe
Wild Orchids
Many people believe orchids live in the tropics only. They appear to live in the colder areas too, in fact several hundreds of species.
Butterflies are symbolic for positive emotions of people. Unfortunately many species of butterflies are vulnarable for changes in their environment.
Music in 7/4 rythm
We all know the rythm of seven days in a week ... in music it sounds like this

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